Babcock Winery

Babcock Winery was established in 1984. Since then Bryan Babcock has become one of the brightest stars in the field of American winemaking. His awards and recognitions are many. Not only has he been selected by the Los Angeles Times as one of the “Ten Best Winemakers Of The Year”, he was also once named by the Times “Most Courageous Winemaker Of The Year” for his provocative approach. The prestigious James Beard Foundation once named him to a list of “Top Ten Small Production Winemakers in the World,” with Bryan being the only American chosen for this oenological dream team. In choosing him for this award, David Moore wrote, “Bryan Babcock best exemplifies the traits I look for in a great winemaker. The quality of Bryan’s wines speaks for themselves, yet it is his personal commitment to excellence that stands out so much. His relentless experimentation, his willingness to explore the possibilities with so many grape varieties, and his aesthetic are a world apart from the usual American approach to winemaking.”

After a decades-long exploration encompassing a cornucopia of varieties sourced from seven different California counties, Bryan has most recently found his mojo in an all-out immersion into locally grown Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. His current Terroir Extraordinaire portfolio is a riveting collection of single block cuvees that stem from some of the best vineyards that the appellation has to offer. He still produces a collection of mouthwatering estate grown white wines, and after years of producing multiple cuvees of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, he has consolidated his efforts around one stunning version of each.

Joining Bryan in the wine business is his wife Lisa, whose passion and talent for all things retail have led Babcock Winery in a whole new atmospherical and spiritual direction. Under Lisa’s guidance the tasting room at the winery has undergone a complete renaissance, and free spirited new labels have been developed such as Bright Fortune, Soulstruck and GrapeHunters.

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